Information and Samples
Calcium Lactate Crystal Inhibition for Cheese
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Getting Started
Plant trial application system available
For technical information and samples please contact Nutricepts, Inc.  (See Contact Us page).

Cheeses from multiple lab, pilot, and industrial scale runs show consistent effective supression of calcium lactate crystals without adverse effect on other cheese characteristics such as taste, body, or texture.  In fact, several industrial scale runs have shown improved consistency of body, pH, and moisture level through 640# blocks.

A Power Point presentation is available for presentations within your department or company.
For trials in plants (or labs) with salting tables no equipment is necessary.

For trials in plants with salting belts a portable volumetric feeder system is available.  The system comes on a standard pallet and can be shipped by common carrier.
Technical consultation and lab trials
If you decide that CrystalBan™ is of interest to your company the next step would be an exchange of confidentiality documents (if required by your company) and consultation with our experienced technical staff.  We recognize the competitive nature of the cheese business and promise strict confidentiality in all matters.