Calcium Lactate Crystal Inhibition for Cheese
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Calcium lactate crystals are a more common problem today for several reasons:
     Cheese is made differently - higher milk solids levels and
      faster makes increase the amount of lactic acid and
      calcium in the cheese.
     Cheese is packaged differently - more slices and cubes offer
      more edges and surfaces for crystal formation.
     Consumers are more discriminating and less likely to accept
      any deviation in product appearance.

Other strategies for controlling calcium lactate crystals are not economically viable:
     Reducing lactose and lactic acid in the cheese serum
        requires extensive washing.
Using slow acid producing cultures increases make time.
Using fast acid producing cultures results in excessive
        production of lactic acid.

The key is to control the level of lactic acid production and control the pH during the manufacturing process.

What causes calcium lactate crystals?
Too much lactic acid and too much calcium!