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Calcium Lactate Crystal Inhibition for Cheese
U.S. Patents 7,625,589 & 7,771,761.
Australia #2006278583 New Zealand #565120
CrystalBan™ got started during a conversation between a Food Science Professor from the University of Minnesota and a Chemical Engineer from Nutricepts, Inc. They were discussing the reasons for differences in calcium solubility between Cheddar cheese and other food products.  After much thought they postulated a method to decrease lactic acid production during the cheese making process by adding controlled amounts of sodium gluconate to the salt.

Initial laboratory results confirmed the efficacy of the technology.  Optimal use levels and other cheese make parameters were determined after additional lab work and pilot size cheese production runs.

Full scale production with both salting belt and salting table systems have yielded excellent results:
- Cheddar and Colby cheese slices aged more than 9 months with no visible crystals and no effect on taste.
- Both 640 and 40 pound blocks have more consistent moisture levels throughout.  This allows more precise management of cheese moisture levels.

CrystalBan™ - A technology developed through the collaboration of academic and food industry scientists
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NEW: Studies show that Reduced Sodium Cheddar Cheese made with a mixture of sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and CrystalBan has less bitterness and better body than other reduced sodium options.

Autralian and New Zealand patents have also been issued covering use of CrystalBan in cheese.

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Cheddar aged 9 months
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